About us

At PinkLPA, we're all about taking care of people.

We do it by making sure your assets, no matter what you have, get the best chance of building wealth in your lifetime. And upon your death, we strive to ensure your family is supported, through expert planning today.

We're also firm believers in doing the right thing, so we give back when we can. We donate 5% of our profits to charities we're proud to sponsor: Help for Heroes, Cancer Research UK and When You Wish Upon a Star, amongst others.

Good for you, your family and your estate.

Our experts are regulated by the CLC, SRA and FCA, so you can be confident of a professional, transparent and caring service across our wide range of Personal Estate products that put you in charge of your future, whatever it may bring.

Technology, making life easier and cheaper

We developed our online Will and LPA production software to help our clients put the legal protection that they need in place. Our clients find it easier and cheaper but they still love the great service that we provide as all of their reviews testify.

Our Stats
Started 2010
Over 100 Head Office Staff
Over 250 National Client Consultants
Over 22,000 Customers
739 documents we wrote for our clients this week
15,219 information packs we've sent this week
£563,993 value of charity donations in the last week
3 staff birthdays we've celebrated this week!
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