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Our LPAs are created by our partner ActiveWills. The simple to use, online LPA software has been developed by their legal team and has been approved by the Office of Public Guardian (OPG). It is the easiest and fastest online LPA production process and is backed up with their unrivalled support.


Our online services include both Single and Mirror Wills along with online Lasting Power of Attorney production for both Property and Finance and Heath and Welfare. The parent company of ActiveWills, Honey Legal, are a specialist estate planning legal firm.

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Producing an LPA can be a daunting process, the legal terms are complicated and the official forms are difficult to understand. Our online service is easy and quick, we have provided videos to help you and every page has easy to understand page guidance.

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If you find that you need help we have included a FREE support service. We have Chat online, email and telephone support should you need it.

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Why do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?


An LPA has been described as the most important document that every UK adult should have in place. There are many reasons that makes this statement true and it is not just old age, any one of us could have an accident at any time that could leave us seriously ill in a hospital and, without an LPA in place, your family could be left without the legal power to carry out your wishes and make decisions on your behalf.

In the UK, dementia is the biggest health threat. According to the government, one person in the UK develops dementia every three minutes.

If you or one of your parents develop dementia and lose mental capacity you can not assume that you can make decisions on your parents’ behalf or that your loved ones will be allowed to make decisions for you. You cannot walk into a bank and say “My mum has now got dementia, I need to pay her bills for her, how do I do this?” Without an LPA to give you the legal power to look after your loved one’s financial affairs the bank will freeze their account, you will not have any right to pay any bills for your parent, this includes their care home fees.

If your loved ones do not have an LPA in place for Health and Welfare, then you do not have the right to chose their Care Home, the Local Authority will choose one instead.

If you don’t have a registered Lasting Power of Attorney, your loved ones will need to apply through the Court of Protection to legally have the right to look after you and your affairs, this can take a long time and is very expensive. Don’t leave your family unprotected or leave yourself vulnerable.

Quick FAQ

An LPA is a Legal document that allows a person that you trust (an Attorney) to act on your behalf if you have lost capacity. The LPA needs to be registered with the Office of Public Guardian (OPG) before it can be used and most people use a Solicitor to write their LPA which is expensive and unaffordable.
Here at LPA Online we have written a very simple LPA production tool that guides you through the process of writing your LPA and at a fraction of the cost of your local solicitor.

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Without a Lasting Power of Attorney in place even your partner can not make decisions on your behalf, they can not specify to a doctor what medical treatment that you should have, even though they know what you would and would not like to have done to you. Even joint bank accounts have been frozen and the healthy partner has not been able to get access to their own money. Because the LPA is a legal document giving the people that you trust the right to act on your behalf, they can make sure your mortgage is paid, they can choose your care home and make sure that you are looked after in the way you would wish to be looked after.

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Many people who have heard of an LPA think that it is just for an elderly relative to have before they go into a care home. This could not be further from the truth, an LPA is for everyone, especially anyone who has a family. If you had an accident today and were in hospital for an extended period, who would look after your family? Do they have legal access to your bank account? Can they negotiate a mortgage break if you are in hospital for a long period? The answer is most likely NO. An LPA gives someone that you trust the LEGAL right to look after your affairs.

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Avaliable Plans

1 Lasting Power of Attorney

Good option for someone that already has 1 Lasting Power of Attorney.


  • 1 Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Can be 1 for Health OR
  • Can be 1 for Finance
  • Includes 1 Free Will

2 Lasting Power of Attorneys

Good option for a one person that currently has no Lasting Power of Attorneys.


  • 2 Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Includes 1 Health LPA.
  • Includes 1 Finance LPA.
  • Includes 1 Free Will

4 Lasting Power of Attorneys

Great Value! Best option for couples with no prior LPAs


  • 4 Lasting Power of Attorneys
  • Includes 2 Health LPAs.
  • Includes 2 Finance LPAs.
  • Includes 1 Free Will

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Your Details (The Donor)

As the Donor you are giving the Power of Attorney over your affairs to the Attorney that you trust. The Attorney only starts to act once you have lost capacity to act on your own.

Main Attorneys

Your Main Attorneys are your first choice person or people who will act on your behalf if you ever lose the capacity to make decisions on your own.

Reserve Attorneys

Your Reserve Attorneys are your reserve choice person or people who will act on your behalf if your Main Attorneys have deceased or have lost capacity and can no longer act on your behalf.

People to Tell

Your People to Tell or Person to Tell is a trusted friend or family member who has your best interests at heart and would be able to object about an LPA being registered if they felt it was not in your interest.

Certificate Provider

A Certificate Provider is a person or professional person who can vouch for you that you are of sound mind and that you understand what an LPA is and what the implications are for you.

Sign and the Register the LPA

Read the documentation carefully, get all of your Attorneys, Reserve Attorneys, Witnesses and Certificate Provider to date and sign the LPAs and then follow the registration process which is in the printed pack.

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